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Professional Qualifications of Paul B. Finch, MBA and Susan Winters Finch, MS, MBA

Experienced, Diligent and Passionate Finance Professionals.


Paul B. Finch and Susan W. Finch met while working as financial executives in the San Francisco Bay Area during a time of explosive growth and innovation in their respective fields; Paul was focused on Healthcare and Susan was working in the Hospitality Industry.  They found that technological innovations in their respective fields was changing their industries in a way that was making commerce more effective and efficient while also providing unprecedented opportunities for growth and expansion. This made them eager to cultivate their own professional practice, one that would effectively connect their experience and expertise in finance and economics with business owners eager to explore innovative start-up ventures as well as existing businesses with growth and expansion opportunities. Paul and Susan fundamentally believe that it is important for a business to embrace change, specifically change brought about by innovation, because such change provides the opportunity to create and maintain a competitive advantage.  With over twenty-five (25) years of experience as financial executives in industry, Paul and Susan are passionate about assisting their clients in realizing the equity value that can be created through such opportunities. 

Benchmark Solutions, Inc. opened its doors in 1996 (through predecessor companies The Winters Group, LLC and The Winters Group, Inc. respectively). Since that time, Benchmark Solutions, Inc. has become a boutique business advisory which provides high quality corporate finance and management accounting services to some of the most innovative, creative and emerging companies in the beverage, healthcare, and technology industries.  Benchmark Solutions, Inc. has facilitated successful growth and equity value creation for numerous firms in our areas of practice.  


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Senior Financial Consultants


executive director

Paul B. Finch, MBA

Prior to co-founding Benchmark Solutions, Paul began his career as a Controller at a food brokerage firm in the agricultural industry. Later in his career, Paul became a Corporate Controller in a multi-specialty medical group practice and went on to serve as a Chief Financial Officer before being recruited as President and Chief Executive Officer of a medical billing company.  Through Benchmark Solutions, Paul has been both an in-house and out-sourced Senior Financial Executive in the fields of agriculture, beverage, healthcare and technology for clients large and small for more than 25 years. Specializing in early stage firms experiencing rapid growth, as well as mature firms desiring to engage in expansion, merger, acquisition and business optimization, Paul is a subject matter expert in Business Planning and Financial Valuation, specifically Budgeting and Business Valuation.  Paul also has considerable experience in capital structure optimization and capital acquisition.  Paul's complete resume and references are available upon request.



M.B.A., Accounting & Finance (with Graduate Honors)

B.A., Economics

Activities & Affiliations

• Institute of Management Accountants, Member in Good Standing
• NACVA, Business Valuation Certification Training
• Heritage Bank of Commerce, Advisory Board Chairman (2012-2016)




executive director

Susan Finch, MS, MBA

For more than 20 years, Susan has focused her career on the various facets of finance that revolve around business optimization.  As a trained economist, Susan has expertise in economic modeling, specifically market structure and competitive analysis, as a means of determining a firm's competitive advantage and, subsequently, the optimization of product pricing and production output accordingly.  Prior to co-founding Benchmark Solutions, Susan was a Vice-President of Marketing as well as holding several similar executive positions within the hospitality industry.  In more recent years, through Benchmark Solutions, Susan has held key Senior Finance positions, both in-house and out-sourced, in the fields of healthcare and technology.  Susan's complete resume and references are available upon request.



M.B.A., Accounting & Finance (with Graduate Honors)

M.S., Corporate Finance & Applied Economics

B.A., Economics (with Honors)


Activities & Affiliations

• Institute of Management Accountants, Member in Good Standing
• NACVA, Business Valuation Certification Training



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