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How We Assist Our Clients


Our mission is to assist our clients build and grow great businesses that create equity value for the firms owners. To accomplish this, we help our clients increase the cash flow of their firms, reduce the risk of failure, and earn a required rate of return for the benefit of business owners.

Financial Planning and Forecasting

Broadly speaking, Financial Planning and Forecasting is budgeting.  Benchmark assists our clients in the development and production of good budgets that reflect management's best thinking about the future of their business.  Our budgets (or Master Budgets) are produced utilizing management/cost accounting analysis, as well as economic modeling, specifically market structure and competitive analysis, to compile pro forma financial statements that forecast revenue, analyze cost-volume-profit relationships, capital structure requirements, and price, production and profit optimization.  

Good budgets are the fundamental building block for all business analysis, financial decision making, business optimization, and business valuation engagements.  Done correctly, a budget is a useful tool to help managers accomplish their firm's goals and objectives.

Our budgets are commonly used to make informed business decisions including the optimization of product pricing, production and profits. Our budgets are also commonly to raise capita in the form of both debt and equity as well as for business expansion and securing equipment financing.

Analysis and Decision Making

Every decision that a business makes has financial implications.   Broadly speaking all business decisions can be characterized as one of the following: (i) an Operating Decision; (ii) an Investing Decision; or (iii) a Financing Decision.  Because Benchmark's staff consists of highly skilled and experienced finance and managerial accounting professionals, we assist our clients in the decision making process by applying the most appropriate analytical approaches and methods in order to determine the benefit of any given opportunity.

Business Optimization

Benchmark provides on-going services that "flex" budgets at periodic intervals in order to produce Variance Analysis. Benchmark's Variance Analysis service is designed to measure "favorable" and "unfavorable" variances in a firm's actual financial performance to the firm's budgeted, or anticipated financial performance.   As a function of our Business Optimization services, we provide an array of consultative services that address and mitigate "unfavorable" variances.  Performed correctly, Variance Analysis is an essential tool to help managers control for and, thereby, immediately identify and mitigate adverse factors effecting business performance.

Business Valuation

There is an ever increasing need for Business Valuation services.  There are many reasons to value a business including, but not limited to, the following: (i) mergers and acquisition; (ii) sales and divestitures; (iii) the development, production and implementation of buy/sell agreements; and (iv) raising capital.

Benchmark provides expert consultation in Business Valuation methods, approaches and applications.  Our Business Valuation services are used for all forms of business transactions, litigation support and Fair Market Valuations of professional compensation/fringe benefits for healthcare transactions in compliance with applicable Stark and Anti-Kickback requirements.

A Value Creation Approach

Because our core passion and expertise is rooted in the creation of equity value, we help our clients solve their most challenging and pressing problems on a daily basis.  From strategy to execution, our highly qualified professionals are dedicated to providing compliant, accurate and reliable services which can be used to develop strategy, make sound financial decisions, manage risks and increase the value of client firms.

Industries We Serve

Beverage - Biotechnology - Healthcare - Technology