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Broadly speaking, Business Planning is budgeting, which is the financial expression of a business' strategy.  Benchmark Solutions assists our clients in the development and production of valid and reliable budgets, that is budgets developed and produced based on generally recognized professional standards - our work product is rigorous.

Our budgets are produced utilizing management/cost accounting principles as well as economic modeling to determine optimal product/service pricing and output.  We also utilize ratio analysis to benchmark performance, cost-volume-profit analysis to understand how changes in pricing and cost affect earnings, and valuation measurements to determine proper debt to equity ratios as well as the opportunity cost of prospective capital investments.

Our budgets are commonly used to make informed business decisions pertaining to expansion plans, new product/services launches, raising capital in the form of both debt and equity, and to secure financing for asset acquisitions.


There are many reasons to value a business including, but not limited to, the following: (i) mergers and acquisitions; (ii) sales and divestitures; (iii) the development, production and implementation of buy-sell agreements; and (iv) raising capital.

Our Business Valuation services are used for all forms of business transactions, litigation support, and Fair Market Valuations of professional compensation/fringe benefits for healthcare transactions in compliance with applicable Stark and Anti-Kickback requirements.

At Benchmark Solutions, we represent our clients' best interests in all financial aspects of business transactions and work with other representative professionals to this end.  As with all of our work product, our Business Valuation analysis and narrative reports are produced based on generally recognized professional standards and is rigorous.   

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Benchmark Solutions provides on-going services that "flex" budgets at periodic intervals in order to produce variance analysis.  Our variance analysis services are designed to measure "favorable" and "unfavorable" variances in a firm's actual financial performance as compared to the firm's budgeted, or anticipated, financial performance.  Variance analysis is an essential tool to help managers control for, and immediately identify and mitigate, adverse factors affecting business performance.

As a function of our Business Optimization service, we also provide a full array of consultative services that address and mitigate "unfavorable" variances.