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This section is about Susan and Paul, what motivates us, specifically what makes us who we are.  Collectively, we have three over-arching passions that motivate us: (i) Family, (ii) the Outdoors, and (iii) Corporate Finance.

As residents of the Reno-Lake Tahoe Area, we derive inspiration from spending time in the outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, skiing and exploring.  We have found that sharing our love of nature with our family has greatly enhanced our interpersonal relationships and provided wonderful opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually. To that end, we believe that as John Muir stated, "'In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks". 

We are committed to the proposition that a business should not only seek profits, but should also be equally concerned about issues of social responsibility as reflected in “The Triple Bottom Line” concept.  The Triple Bottom Line concept, first coined by John Elkington in an article in the California Management Review (1994), states that “a socially responsible company will seek to maximize the utility of People, Planet and Profits and not sacrifice the best interests of People or the Planet for the goal of maximizing profits”.


Benchmark supports the following organizations through contributions and volunteerism:


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